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Radon Mitigation Columbia, MD

HUD Radon Mitigation ColumbiaFor those of you who missed last month’s article, there have been changes in the HUD policy that require testing and mitigation as needed. The official regulation requires that every Columbia multi-family home that is financed through HUD will be required to have a radon test. If your test results on these homes display high levels of radon gas, then a further action is required. Radon mitigation Columbia will be required in order to properly reduce your levels and make your home a safe place for all of the tenants.

What many homeowners are probably curious of is the process for radon mitigation Columbia. S.W.A.T. Environmental is taking this month to layout the process you will face while you are trying to have your mitigation system installed. While this can be a stressful time, and you are probably worried about meeting all of the regulations, we are laying out the plan so that you have nothing to worry about.

The first step in this process is testing your home to determine whether or not you are in need of radon mitigation Columbia. The reason that testing is so important is because this gas is known to kill many each year. This gas cannot be determined if it is present from the eyes or ears. It is invisible and odorless making it impossible to find without a test.

There are two types of tests that can be ran. A long term test will boast slightly more accurate results, while a short term test may take as short as a week for complete results. No matter what test you choose, it is important that you test in order to find out your levels. Once you have your test results, you will have a much better idea of whether or not further action is required in regard to radon mitigation Columbia.

Handling Radon Mitigation Columbia

Just because your home has high levels of radon gas does not mean that you have to panic. This gas is known to be easily treated if you have a properly trained professional handling your problem. S.W.A.T. Environmental has decades of experience in the radon business and will be able to handle your situation. As soon as your test results show high levels of radon gas, contact a representative from S.W.A.T. Environmental for a free quote for all of your radon needs. We are local to the Columbia area, meaning that we are trained in handling area specific radon mitigation Columbia.

The reason radon gas has become such a big concern lately is the number of annual deaths each year. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and is more deadly than drunk driving. Make sure that your Columbia home is in compliance with HUD, and be assured that your home is safe with radon mitigation Columbia from the professionals at your local S.W.A.T. Environmental.

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Radon Lung Cancer in Columbia May be Reduced

Radon Lung CancerThere is some new great news for residents of Columbia, MD. With new policies set in place by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there will be increased safety in many homes across the United States. There is regulation being set in place that will help reduce the levels of radon gas in homes throughout the United States. This is great news, and the American Lung Association has commended the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for their great effort.

If you have never heard of radon gas before, it is a cancerous gas that is naturally occurring and found in the soil beneath many Columbia, MD homes. Without the help of a trained professional, many homes will be unaware of whether or not they have high levels, and will not be able to reduce the levels of gas. This gas is both odorless, and colorless, meaning that a test is the only way that you will be able to determine whether or not your Columbia home is infested.

The risk of cancer from radon gas is overwhelming. Currently, it is the second leading cause of radon gas. The radon kills 21,000 people each annually across the United States, and is responsible for roughly 15% of all lung cancer cases. This means that reducing radon can reduce radon lung cancer. With a high number of deaths from radon lung cancer this is very important. This gas is radioactive, and we all know that radiation has been proven to cause cancer as well. This gas is basically the asbestos of our generation, and without proper treatment and care, many more lives may be ruined.

Radon Lung Cancer Regulations in Columbia

If you have ever rented a home in Columbia, you will know that repairs and maintenance are not always up to the tenant. The landlord is ultimately the decision maker in whether or not a repair happens, or needed maintenance happens, unless there is legal language in a lease that binds the landlord to make any specific repairs or maintenance.

Luckily, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has created a new regulation that will require all multi-family homes that are financed through HUD to have a radon test completed. If the test is completed and there is high levels of gas, then it will be required that a mitigation system is installed. This is definitely a step forward for all living in multi-family homes as there is a strong push for improvement in regulated safety.

HUD is actually part of a larger association that is built to help improve the safety of homes. HUD has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Environmental Protection Agency. These organizations combining their forces together will be able to create a set plan that will help improve the lives of millions. S.W.A.T. Environmental is extremely proud and delighted with the strong efforts that HUD has taken to improve health of those in Columbia, MD.

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Why Radon Mitigation in Schools in Columbia, MD is Needed

Radon Mitigation in Schools in Columbia, MDColumbia, MD residents probably already know of the dangers of radon gas, but many are not aware that a vast number of public schools are also receiving the same negative effects of radon gas. When you hear radon gas, most often we associate cancer, and the action that SHOULD have already been taken to prevent any physical harm. Unfortunately for many schools in Columbia, MD, no action has been taken for public schools. This means that many students, teachers, and principals all go throughout their days breathing in this harmful gas.

Radon mitigation in schools can dramatically reduce the number of lung cancer cases that occur. Did you know that if radon gas did not exist, there should be a decrease in lung cancer cases by 15%? More than one out of seven lung cancer cases are currently attributed to radon, which is saddening when you know that cancer from radon is avoidable with radon mitigation in schools.

Danger without Radon Mitigation in Schools in Columbia

Over 20,000 people die each year because of radon gas, which means that we need to do something to stop this. While Columbia residents may take the necessary action needed on their own homes, we still need to do something about the large number of schools which have radon gas. One out of five schools have high levels of radon gas, which equals about 70,000 schools being affected. If we want to make sure that next generations are not diagnosed with lung cancer when it otherwise would have been avoided, we need radon mitigation in schools.

Radon gas forms in the soil from uranium breaking down. Essentially, if you know your soil has uranium, radon gas is sure to follow. Radon may also enter schools and buildings through the water supply, and in rare cases enters through the materials used to build the building. Regardless of the entryway, we need to ensure that all of the radon gas is gone by implementing radon mitigation in schools.

A bill will hopefully be passed that will provide grant funding for all schools to test for radon. Schools that have high levels according to tests will receive extra grant funding to accommodate radon mitigation in schools. While this bill is only be proposed as of now, with your help, we can make sure it passes.

Write a member of congress, and let them know the importance of radon mitigation in schools. When politicians realize all of the health concerns, and large number of deaths associated with radon gas, we can only assume that action will be taken. Every year radon gas kills more people than drunk driving. Take action against one of the most deadly substances, and write a local politician to tell them you support radon mitigation in schools. With your help we can save the lives of millions of children.

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Columbia Maryland and Radon Action Month

Radon Awareness Month Columbia MarylandRadon action month is quickly approaching in Columbia, MD. It is important that you make sure to prepare a plan of action for you and your family. Often we go throughout the day not thinking about long term health risks associated with things such as radon gas. Radon gas kills 20,000 people each year. This means that more people die each year from drunk driving. What is sad about this is how preventable radon gas is. You may install a mitigation system, which will quickly reduce the levels of gas in your home.

In order to fully understand radon gas, you must first know where it comes from. Radon comes from broken down uranium in your soil. Beneath your Columbia home, this gas may seep through the smallest of spaces and enter your home through the foundation. Radon may also enter through your ground water and into your Columbia, MD home. There are a few other ways that radon may enter your home, so it is important that whoever installs a mitigation system is aware, and able to appropriately pinpoint the area of danger.

Taking Action in Radon Action Month in Columbia

Radon action month should not be a month of worry if you are prepared to take the necessary actions. Radon action month can be a time in which you relieve a lot of stress. If you do not know whether or not your Columbia home is infested with radon gas, radon action month is the perfect time to test your home to determine your levels of radon gas. Once you have your levels, you will be able to make an educated decision on whether or not mitigation is needed.

Radon action month in Columbia is also a good time to contact a professional for radon mitigation. If you are in need of a mitigation system, S.W.A.T. Environmental has the years of experience to handle your Columbia home. We are located right here in Columbia, MD and are the nation’s most trusted mitigation company. We may reduce your levels by as much as 99%. We specialize in the least invasive methods of mitigation, meaning you will probably not even notice that a mitigation system is installed, but you will be able to breathe fresh air.

Radon action month is also the perfect time to advocate the dangers of radon gas to your friends and family. Even if you can convince one family of the dangers of this gas, you have potentially saved an entire family’s life. One out of every fifteen homes are infected by high levels of radon gas. This means that there is a good chance someone you know has high levels of radon gas. Take action during radon action month, and be sure to either test your Columbia home, advocate the dangers of this gas, or have a professional install a mitigation system.

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Columbia, Maryland Residents Fear Lung Cancer

Radon Gas Mitigation in MarylandLung cancer is often something that is thought to only affect those who smoke cigarettes religiously. It makes sense that smoking something that puts so much tar on your lungs, and even has a giant warning label on every box causes cancer. Despite the warnings, millions accept the risk and light up. Columbia, MD residents are now all facing the same risks which smokers do. Radon gas has been proven to cause cancer and is now being reported as the reason for 16% of all lung cancer cases.

16% equates to over one out of seven of those diagnosed with lung cancer. This means that living in a Columbia home which is infested with radon gas may be just as dangerous as smoking. It is believed that nationally 15% of all homes are affected by high levels of radon gas, and are in need of professional radon gas mitigation. Hiring a professional is the first step you can take in safeguarding your home from this horrible gas.

How Radon Gas Forms in Columbia

As a resident of Maryland, you may or may not know how radon forms. Essentially, it forms from the breaking down of Uranium in your soil. There is no way to know whether or not your home is sitting on a large amount of Uranium without testing, and furthermore there is no way to know if your home is invaded with radon gas without testing either. Radon gas may seep from the ground into the water supply of your Columbia home, and may even seep through your foundation and into your home. No matter how it enters, it becomes a major problem once it enters.

Radon Gas Mitigation in Columbia

Radon gas mitigation in Columbia is essential in order to protect yourself and loved ones from becoming a statistic and being diagnosed with lung cancer. Radon gas mitigation provides the peace of mind you need. Our systems have proven to reduce radon levels by as much as 99%. The first step in the process is testing your home to be for sure. Often, even if your home does not show dangerous levels of radon gas, it is sometimes best to take precaution and have a radon gas mitigation system installed, as you can never be sure whether or not there will be a breakdown of Uranium in the near future.

When you contact S.W.A.T. Environmental, you know you are speaking with a local representative in Columbia, Maryland who is used to all of the techniques used locally for radon gas. In addition, we have decades of specialized treatment in the industry, meaning we know how to reduce your levels specifically in Columbia, MD. Do not leave your health up in the air by hiring a general contractor, or someone who is not a full time radon gas mitigation specialist. Choose the name the nation trusts with S.W.A.T. Environmental.

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Columbia Maryland Air Quality

Maryland Indoor Air QualityResidents of Columbia, MD may have heard about the air quality in the area, but did you know that every year, many regions of the United States are deemed to have such a poor air quality that there is are health risks at stake? Health risks from poor air quality may include permanent lung damage, tightness in the chest, trouble breathing, and an increase likeliness of illness, just to name a few.

Columbia residents should not take these warnings lightly, and stay outside if your air quality is deemed poor on a given day. How do you determine whether or not your air quality is acceptable? The EPA has created an air quality index, or AQI, which measures four categories to sum up your health risks into a single number. The AQI measures ground level ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. There have been talks to possibly include nitrogen dioxide, but this has not yet been included.

If Columbia’s AQI exceeds 50 at any given moment, there is a good possibility that someone in the area may experience one of the mentioned health effects. These effects may take a deeper cut if you have any preexisting conditions, are a child whose lungs are still developing, or spend a great portion of your time in the great outdoors of Columbia, MD.

Air Quality and Radon

Radon gas is not included in the AQI, and therefore should also be considered when discussing your air quality. If you have not heard, radon gas kills 22,000 people each and every year in the form of lung cancer. This means that more people perish each year from radon gas, than drunk driving. Radon gas can form in the soil beneath your Columbia, MD home, and seep up through the foundation contaminating the space you live in. This means that you could be inhaling a toxic, radioactive gas every second as it fumes throughout your Columbia home.

There is a solution to both poor air quality and radon gas. S.W.A.T. Environmental is the nation’s leading radon mitigation company, and has been specializing in improving home air quality for over a decade. This means that one of our professionals can come to your Columbia home, and create a plan of action specialized for you. We do not only service residential areas, but Columbia commercial properties as well.

When a radon professional comes to your Columbia home, you can rest assured that everything is being done to help you breathe easy again. With an air purification system installed, we can reduce your levels of radon gas by as much as 99%. We can also help reduce some of the other pollutants that may enter your home. This means that calling S.W.A.T. Environmental is the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle. Do not risk your future. You have nothing to lose with a toll free phone call, and a free quote. Give your Columbia air quality specialists a call today.

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Columbia, Maryland Radon Company Recognized

Inc. 5000 Maryland Radon Mitigation CompanyColumbia’s local radon mitigation company gained national recognition this week as one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. provided a list of the fastest growing companies, and for the first time ever a radon mitigation company made this list. Ranked as the thirteenth overall fastest growing company in the environmental services department, S.W.A.T. Environmental has been ground breaking in regard to their movement to improve the air quality in Columbia homes.

The CFO of S.W.A.T. Environmental has projected $12 million in revenue for the company for the year of 2012. S.W.A.T. Environmental is a for profit company with a non-profit heart. Having the ability to successfully reduce the radon levels in thousands of homes provides us with a great delight. There are many health risks associated with radon gas, such as lung cancer, and these risks are known to kill over 20,000 each year. A company like S.W.A.T. Environmental truly has their mind and heart in the right place.

Radon Mitigation Techniques in Columbia, MD

Now that you know the health risks associated with radon gas, it is important to learn how our process actually works. Before radon mitigation can be completed, you must first have a professional provide a radon test. A radon test may take as long as a few days, or it may take three months. It all depends on the type of radon testing method you choose for your Columbia home.

Once the testing results are received, it is time to call a professional. The general rule of thumb is that anything above 4 pCi/L is considered dangerous to your health, and a radon mitigation system will need to be installed. Although this is a general rule, you may want to highly consider having a radon mitigation system installed if you are near the limit.

Contacting a radon mitigation company is the next and most important step. Did you know that radon may be located in your water supply, soil, or even building materials, all causing this horrible gas to enter into your home? Depending on the location and severity, the actual process will differ between each Columbia home. The most popular method is soil suction or air purification as the common location for radon is in your soil. These processes involve sucking the radon from your soil and out of your home.

The S.W.A.T. Environmental Difference

Many radon mitigation companies may focus more on selling their product, rather than actually educating you. We take the time to explain our custom solution for your home, and your threat level. We will gladly answer any questions you may have in regard to radon gas, or our mitigation system installation. We believe that treating our customers as real people is what makes this company so great. We know we are dealing with a potential life and death possibility, and always handle the situation with great importance and professionalism. Call us today to learn more about radon mitigation, and get a free quote on an air purification system.

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Radon Testing in Columbia, Maryland

Radon Testing Columbia MarylandRadon testing in Columbia, Maryland is a vital aspect to you and your family’s safety. Radon gas is a silent killer claiming more lives than fires, drunk driving, and drowning. If you are a resident of Columbia, MD then it is extremely important that you ask a specialist for radon testing, as your home specifically may be at a higher risk.

Radon is naturally occurring, and may enter your home through the soil seeping into your foundation, your water supply, or even some building materials. Radon is one of the most dense gases, and is extremely radioactive. The health concerns and radioactive nature of this gas has actually limited scientific research. Over twenty thousand people are killed every single year by radon gas, making it one of the EPA’s biggest concerns. Homes have been found to have levels of radon gas that are equivalent to smoking 135 packs of cigarettes per day.

Real Estate Radon Testing in Maryland

As a real estate agent, or just someone selling a home in Columbia, you may be aware of the tough market. The economy has hit everyone hard, making selling a house to be extremely difficult. If two homes are comparable, but one has radon testing completed, then it an easy decision for the buyer to purchase the Maryland home which does not have radon gas. If you are purchasing a Columbia, Maryland home, it is important to recognize the danger of radon gas. We test and inspect for termites, fire hazards, water hazards, mold, foundation deficiencies, and a numerous other safety issues. Require a specialist to provide radon testing in the purchase agreement of the home you are purchasing to make sure that you and your family are safe.

Types of Radon Testing in Columbia

Do not leave radon testing up to just any company. If you care about your health, you should hire a professional with years of experience. Your life, and your family’s lives are on the line. Do not hire a contractor that is not a specialist in radon gas, unless they are fully certified, and aware of the proper testing methods. Testing should occur in the fall months when doors and windows are closed more to ensure the most accurate results. Short term and long term radon testing are both acceptable for your home, but slightly vary in time and accuracy. The longer the test, the more accurate your results will be.

If your results return levels of above 4.0 Picocuries per liter, then you must call a mitigation expert to handle your vapor intrusion. S.W.A.T . Environmental has been specializing in radon since 1988, and has the knowledge, know-how, experience, and certification to reduce your radon levels. As the nation’s leading radon reduction company, and being local to Columbia, MD, you have nothing to worry about. Schedule radon testing, and if necessary, call us to install a radon mitigation system.

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Columbia’s Dangerous Water: How Will Radon in Water Affect You?

Radon in Water Columbia, MarylandThe Environmental Protection Agency reports that over 20,000 deaths each year are a direct result of exposure to excessively high levels of radon. Columbia, Maryland is unfortunately not immune to this trend. As a Columbia homeowner, therefore, you should be aware of the issue and the necessary precautions you should take to ensure that you and your family are protected from it.

Columbia residents now have a voice in the regulations that deal with radon in the area. The EPA has endeavored to improve the current lack of awareness about waterborne radon by recommending three possible limits for standard levels of radon in water: 4,000 pCi/L, 1,000 pCi/L and 300 pCi/L. Frankly, 4,000 pCi/L as a set standard is considered by many experts to still be too high.

Radioactive waste sites and even nuclear power plants often produce less radiation over long periods of time than that found in a home that contains 4,000 pCi/L of waterborne radon. Statistically, 1 out of 100 people who are consistently exposed to this amount of radon will die. The fact is that there is no such thing as a “safe” amount of built-up radon. Any accumulation can be harmful.

Some of the proposals currently in motion to lower radon levels to 300 pCi/L will affect communities that have over 25 people being served by a particular water district. Of course, these EPA regulations would not affect you if you use well water instead of city water. In this situation, however, you should be particularly vigilant about monitoring your home’s radon levels, since well water is actually more likely to be contaminated with radon than city water.

What is the Source of Radon in Water?

Radon is very soluble in water. Therefore, the substance can make you sick whether you inhale it in air or swallow it in water. The majority of the radon in contaminated water in a home is eventually released into the air and gradually inhaled anyway, further increasing its negative impact on the occupant’s health. Unfortunately, you cannot tell whether you are being exposed to radon unless you have your home’s water and air tested. One in five homes in the Columbia area may contain elevated radon levels, so taking the precaution of testing your home regularly is only common sense. Professional tests from SWAT Environmental and individual home test kits can both indicate whether your home contains unsafe radon levels.

If radon in water proves to be a problem in your home, you should have SWAT Environmental’s radon experts begin work to correct the issue as soon as possible. Of course, dealing with high levels of waterborne radon is not a “one size fits all” situation. A big part of the job done by SWAT’s technicians is simply studying your home and the source of the radon it contains to determine what systems will be necessary to remove it and to protect your family.

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Everything You Should Know About Radon Abatement in Columbia, Maryland

Radon Abatement Columbia, MarylandRadon is an odorless and colorless radioactive gas found in the ground and water. It is formed by the natural decay of uranium in rocks and soil, and once formed, it rises into the atmosphere. Analysts have determined that exposure to concentrated radon gas can lead to lung cancer — in fact, it is now the second most common cause of lung cancer in the United States. The ability of radon gas to move undetected through construction joints, foundational cracks and water supply pipes means it can get into any building, whether an office or a home, and create a hazardous environment for the building’s inhabitants. Thousands of deaths are recorded each year due to radon gas poisoning.

Numerous tests have detected radon gas in all 50 of the United States, but radon checks in Howard County in the state of Maryland have detected higher than average levels of this gas. The average indoor radon level in this area is 6.7 pCi/L, compared to the average nationwide indoor level of 1.3 pCi/L. This means buildings in Columbia and the surrounding areas are particularly at risk for elevated levels of radon. When radon tests in a home detect higher than normal levels, the next step should be radon abatement to protect the lives of those who live or work in that building.

What Is Radon Abatement?

Radon abatement is the process of removing concentrated levels of radon gas from an inhabited building. The process starts with testing to determine the building’s current levels; if they are found to be higher than is safe, abatement is the next necessary step to remove radon gas from the house.

The Importance of Radon Abatement

It is extremely important to abate or mitigate all radon from dwelling places because inhalation can prove fatal. As was discussed earlier, lung cancer is the most common serious consequence of radon poisoning, but it is not the only one. For example, water contaminated with radon can cause stomach cancer as water is ingested or used for other household activities.

Types of Radon Abatement

The specific techniques used for radon abatement and their associated costs will of course vary depending on the size of the building and the method of abatement required. Several methods can be employed to execute radon abatement in Columbia, Maryland. As a matter of fact, the first step of the radon abatement process SWAT Environmental conducts is simply analyzing your house to determine what abatement techniques and systems are necessary. Possible techniques can be as simple as using specially designed exhaust fans to suck out the gas, or sealing cracks in the floors and walls to stop the gas from seeping through. If contaminated ground water is found to be the source, it can be purified as well. That is one reason that relying on SWAT’s trained experts is so important; they can ensure that the radon problem is completely and correctly handled.