Radon Levels in Columbia, Maryland

Thursday, June 21, 2012 @ 07:06 PM
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The Dangers of High Radon Levels

Maryland Radon LevelsRadon levels are often high in Columbia, Maryland homes, so radon testing should be done on the regular basis. The region surrounding this city is a densely populated area, and there are special concerns about the environmental effects that are associated with living in it — potential exposure to high radon levels among them.

You can find some levels of radon gas anywhere in the world. It is created as a side effect when naturally occurring elements in the soil gradually break down. However, certain geographic regions are especially prone to accumulating radon levels. Unfortunately, one of the particularly radon-prone regions is that around Columbia, Maryland. That does not mean that you should live in constant fear of ill effects from radon gas; it simply means that you should take steps to protect your family from its possibility.

Testing for Elevated Radon Levels

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made it clear that each home should be tested for radon. Especially if you own a home in the Columbia area, you should have it checked regularly to ensure that it does not begin to accumulate radon gas. Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Studies estimate that as many as 36,000 deaths are due to radon exposure on a yearly basis. These deaths can be reduced simply by testing the home and removing the threat. Relying on a high-quality professional firm like SWAT Environmental to handle the entire radon testing process ensures that quality standards are followed. Plus, SWAT Environmental’s experts can also implement any necessary systems to lower your radon levels if too much of it has built up in your home. Radon test kits that you can use yourself are sold at some local stores. These kits will give you an indication of your home’s radon levels, but tests that are performed by a professional are faster, higher quality and more accurate.

Mitigating High Radon Levels

After tests have determined the amount of radon in the air of your home, remedies are possible. The type of action that is needed depends on the particular levels that are found in a home, as well as on their source and on your home’s layout. One common method of reducing the radon levels in a home is to change the air flow. This can be done by using specialized fans and pipes to draw air from the basement to the top of the building. This prevents the radon in the soil from accumulating in the home.

Excessive radon levels are a common reason for premature death. The good news is that the presence of radon is easy to detect by trained SWAT Environmental specialists. The mitigation techniques these specialists employ can then remove the threat, ensuring that your home’s air is safe to breathe for your whole family.

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