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Wednesday, July 18, 2012 @ 04:07 PM
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Columbia’s Dangerous Water: How Will Radon in Water Affect You?

Radon in Water Columbia, MarylandThe Environmental Protection Agency reports that over 20,000 deaths each year are a direct result of exposure to excessively high levels of radon. Columbia, Maryland is unfortunately not immune to this trend. As a Columbia homeowner, therefore, you should be aware of the issue and the necessary precautions you should take to ensure that you and your family are protected from it.

Columbia residents now have a voice in the regulations that deal with radon in the area. The EPA has endeavored to improve the current lack of awareness about waterborne radon by recommending three possible limits for standard levels of radon in water: 4,000 pCi/L, 1,000 pCi/L and 300 pCi/L. Frankly, 4,000 pCi/L as a set standard is considered by many experts to still be too high.

Radioactive waste sites and even nuclear power plants often produce less radiation over long periods of time than that found in a home that contains 4,000 pCi/L of waterborne radon. Statistically, 1 out of 100 people who are consistently exposed to this amount of radon will die. The fact is that there is no such thing as a “safe” amount of built-up radon. Any accumulation can be harmful.

Some of the proposals currently in motion to lower radon levels to 300 pCi/L will affect communities that have over 25 people being served by a particular water district. Of course, these EPA regulations would not affect you if you use well water instead of city water. In this situation, however, you should be particularly vigilant about monitoring your home’s radon levels, since well water is actually more likely to be contaminated with radon than city water.

What is the Source of Radon in Water?

Radon is very soluble in water. Therefore, the substance can make you sick whether you inhale it in air or swallow it in water. The majority of the radon in contaminated water in a home is eventually released into the air and gradually inhaled anyway, further increasing its negative impact on the occupant’s health. Unfortunately, you cannot tell whether you are being exposed to radon unless you have your home’s water and air tested. One in five homes in the Columbia area may contain elevated radon levels, so taking the precaution of testing your home regularly is only common sense. Professional tests from SWAT Environmental and individual home test kits can both indicate whether your home contains unsafe radon levels.

If radon in water proves to be a problem in your home, you should have SWAT Environmental’s radon experts begin work to correct the issue as soon as possible. Of course, dealing with high levels of waterborne radon is not a “one size fits all” situation. A big part of the job done by SWAT’s technicians is simply studying your home and the source of the radon it contains to determine what systems will be necessary to remove it and to protect your family.

Thursday, June 21, 2012 @ 07:06 PM
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The Dangers of High Radon Levels

Maryland Radon LevelsRadon levels are often high in Columbia, Maryland homes, so radon testing should be done on the regular basis. The region surrounding this city is a densely populated area, and there are special concerns about the environmental effects that are associated with living in it — potential exposure to high radon levels among them.

You can find some levels of radon gas anywhere in the world. It is created as a side effect when naturally occurring elements in the soil gradually break down. However, certain geographic regions are especially prone to accumulating radon levels. Unfortunately, one of the particularly radon-prone regions is that around Columbia, Maryland. That does not mean that you should live in constant fear of ill effects from radon gas; it simply means that you should take steps to protect your family from its possibility.

Testing for Elevated Radon Levels

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made it clear that each home should be tested for radon. Especially if you own a home in the Columbia area, you should have it checked regularly to ensure that it does not begin to accumulate radon gas. Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Studies estimate that as many as 36,000 deaths are due to radon exposure on a yearly basis. These deaths can be reduced simply by testing the home and removing the threat. Relying on a high-quality professional firm like SWAT Environmental to handle the entire radon testing process ensures that quality standards are followed. Plus, SWAT Environmental’s experts can also implement any necessary systems to lower your radon levels if too much of it has built up in your home. Radon test kits that you can use yourself are sold at some local stores. These kits will give you an indication of your home’s radon levels, but tests that are performed by a professional are faster, higher quality and more accurate.

Mitigating High Radon Levels

After tests have determined the amount of radon in the air of your home, remedies are possible. The type of action that is needed depends on the particular levels that are found in a home, as well as on their source and on your home’s layout. One common method of reducing the radon levels in a home is to change the air flow. This can be done by using specialized fans and pipes to draw air from the basement to the top of the building. This prevents the radon in the soil from accumulating in the home.

Excessive radon levels are a common reason for premature death. The good news is that the presence of radon is easy to detect by trained SWAT Environmental specialists. The mitigation techniques these specialists employ can then remove the threat, ensuring that your home’s air is safe to breathe for your whole family.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 @ 05:01 PM
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Is Your Home Infected With Radon? Have It Tested During National Radon Action Month

Radon Action Month ColumbiaIf you live in the Columbia area, you may already know that radon is a problem. You may even know other Columbia area homeowners who have experienced high levels of radon in their homes. If you have not yet had your own Columbia area home tested for radon, now is the perfect time to do so.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to have your Columbia area home tested for radon, because the EPA has declared January to be National Radon Action Month. The Environmental Protection Agency feels so strongly about the problems posed by radon that they are reaching out to Columbia area homeowners to encourage them to have their homes tested.

Radon is Linked to Lung Cancer

One of the most dangerous things about radon is that it is so difficult to detect. Radon has no odor and it is invisible to the naked eye. That means you could have high levels of radon in your Columbia area home and not even know it. Every day you delay testing for your Columbia area home is one more day your family could be at risk.

That is because radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, and that could put yourself and your family at risk. The World Health Organization points out that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and the leading cause among non-smokers. Even if no one living in your Columbia area home is a smoker, you could still be at risk from this deadly disease. The only way to know for sure is to have your home tested.

Radon Action Month is the Best Time to Test Your Columbia, Maryland Home

If you have your Columbia area home tested and find no contamination, you do not need to do another thing. But if you do find high levels of radon in your Columbia area home, you need to work with an experienced radon mitigation service to get rid of it. A radon mitigator who is licensed to do business in the Columbia area will be able to determine exactly where the contamination is coming from, and they will be able to take the steps necessary to eliminate the radon at its source.

During the month of January, SWAT will be offering a number of discounts and special promotions to residents of the Columbia area. These discounts and specials are in honor of National Radon Action Month, and they are designed to encourage Columbia area homeowners to have their homes tested. If you have been putting off having your Columbia area home tested because of the cost, National Radon Action Month gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. SWAT is the largest radon mitigator in the nation, and their national footprint gives Columbia residents access to the certified technicians who can make their radon problems a thing of the past.

Columbia, Maryland Business Owners Weary of Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion Columbia MarylandIf you own and operate a business in the Columbia, Maryland area, you already know how many things there are to be concerned about. As the owner of a business, you need to make sure you can make payroll each week, and you need to be aware of the many rules and regulations governing firms in the Columbia, Maryland area.

Some of those rules and regulations concern the environment in which your employees work. As the owner of a business in the Columbia, Maryland area, you are responsible for providing a safe and secure workplace for all of your employees, and that includes the quality of the air inside your factories, office buildings, warehouses and other commercial facilities.

Vapor Intrusion is a Serious Threat to Your Health

Vapor intrusion can be a real threat to businesses in the Columbia, Maryland area, and that is why every business owner needs to be concerned about this invisible threat. The term vapor intrusion includes a number of potential contaminants, from dangerous heavy metals like mercury to petroleum products and volatile organic compounds. If you have not yet had your Columbia, Maryland area business tested for vapor intrusion, it is important to do so as soon as you can.

The health dangers of vapor intrusion can accumulate over time, putting your Columbia, Maryland area business, your employees and your livelihood at risk. The longer you wait to get your Columbia, Maryland area business facilities tested for vapor intrusion, the more at risk you could be.

Contact a Local Columbia, Maryland Vapor Intrusion Specialist

The first step is to contact a vapor intrusion contractor who is licensed to do business in the Columbia, Maryland area. Problems with vapor intrusion can vary from place to place, from the types of compounds involved to how they make their way into the living space of the building. Hiring a contractor with experience and expertise in the Columbia, Maryland area is the best way to ensure that any problems will be detected, and that those problems can be mitigated effectively.

Hopefully, you will have your Columbia, Maryland area business tested, only to find that you and your employees have nothing to worry about. If so, you do not have to do anything further, other than file the results of the test away for future reference.

If you do find that your Columbia, Maryland area business suffers from high levels of vapor intrusion, you can work with the contractor to develop a mitigation plan that fits your needs and your budget. There are several ways to get rid of a vapor intrusion problem in the Columbia, Maryland area, and the exact process depends on where the contamination is coming from and what types of compounds are involved. The Columbia, Maryland area contractor you hire can help you determine the best course of action going forward, the one that will protect your employees and your livelihood from vapor intrusion.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 07:10 PM
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Radon Mitigation in Columbia Maryland

Radon Mitigation Columbia MarylandYou probably already know that radon is a big problem in the Columbia, Maryland area. You may have even had your Columbia, Maryland area home tested for radon. If so, you are probably wondering what you should do next. If you had your Columbia, Maryland area home tested for radon and found no problems, you can rest easy knowing that your family is protected. But if you found high levels of radon in your Columbia, Maryland area home, you need to deal with the problem as soon as you possibly can. Every day you delay is one more day your family is at risk, so your next step should be to hire a quality radon mitigation contractor.

When you hire a radon mitigation problem in the Columbia, Maryland area, you need to find one who has plenty of experience. Getting rid of a radon problem in the Columbia, Maryland area requires special training, special tools and special experience. Our company has all three, and we are here to help all Columbia, Maryland homeowners through their radon problems.

What to do if You Have Radon in Columbia, Maryland

If you have found that your Columbia, Maryland area home has high levels of radon, calling us will help you develop a strategy to move forward and protect your home and family. Our company will work with you to determine exactly where the radon in your Columbia, Maryland area home is coming from. Once we know where that radon is coming from, we will work with you to develop a plan of action.

Take Action Against Radon

The plan of action our company devises will be focused on finding a solution that addresses the issue with you Columbia, Maryland area home. If your radon is coming from the foundation of your home, our company will work on a strategy to mitigate that problem and get rid of it once and for all. And if your Columbia, Maryland area home has a problem with contaminated groundwater as well, our company can help you develop a strategy to clean it up and keep your family safe.

But it all starts with a phone call, so you need to contact us today. Once you have contacted us, our company will walk you through every step of the process until you are sure that your radon contamination is a thing of the past.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 06:10 PM
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Why Columbia, Maryland Residents Need to be Concerned About Radon

Radon Testing Columbia MarylandAs a resident of Columbia, Maryland, you have more reason than most to worry about the colorless, odorless and radioactive gas known as radon. Maryland residents spend more than their fair share of time indoors, especially during those cold Columbia, Maryland winters. Maryland is also home to a lot of bedrock – the same type of bedrock that can house high levels of radon. When that radon stays trapped in the rock it is not much of a threat to your Maryland home or your family. But that radon does not stay trapped in the rock for long, and it can seep out through even the tiniest crack in the bedrock surrounding your Maryland home.

Once that radon is in the basement of your Columbia, Maryland home, it can quickly build up to toxic levels and cause serious health problems with your family members. In fact, radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer, and that means that every Maryland resident should be concerned about this radioactive gas.

Take Action Against Radon in Your Columbia, Maryland Home

If you even suspect that your Columbia, Maryland home could be at risk from radon contamination, you should have that home tested as soon as possible. Every day you put that radon testing off could be putting your family members and your own health at risk. If you find that your Maryland home does not have high levels of radon, you can rest assured knowing that all is well. But if you find that your home, like so many others in Maryland, does have high levels of radon, you get an important early warning, and a chance to set things right.

When you contact a radon testing company licensed to do business in the state of Maryland, a representative of that company will ask for some basic information, including the location and the age of your home. Once that information is in place, the representative will schedule an appointment to examine your home for radon contamination.

The radon testing company will arrive at your Maryland home with an array of sophisticated testing equipment, and they will get to work testing the air inside your home for high levels of radon. The company may concentrate on the basement of your home, since that is where radon levels tend to be the highest in Maryland homes. But the radon testing company will check other parts of your home as well, and even the ground and water surrounding the home. Radon can be anywhere in the environment, and it is important to test for contamination anywhere it can be found.

If you do find high levels of radon contamination in your Maryland home, the radon testing company will recommend ways for you to get rid of the high levels of radon present in your home, while preventing additional radon from entering the home. The radon company will check your Maryland home to see where that radon is coming from, and they will take the necessary steps to stop it from getting in.