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Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 06:10 PM
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Why Columbia, Maryland Residents Need to be Concerned About Radon

Radon Testing Columbia MarylandAs a resident of Columbia, Maryland, you have more reason than most to worry about the colorless, odorless and radioactive gas known as radon. Maryland residents spend more than their fair share of time indoors, especially during those cold Columbia, Maryland winters. Maryland is also home to a lot of bedrock – the same type of bedrock that can house high levels of radon. When that radon stays trapped in the rock it is not much of a threat to your Maryland home or your family. But that radon does not stay trapped in the rock for long, and it can seep out through even the tiniest crack in the bedrock surrounding your Maryland home.

Once that radon is in the basement of your Columbia, Maryland home, it can quickly build up to toxic levels and cause serious health problems with your family members. In fact, radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer, and that means that every Maryland resident should be concerned about this radioactive gas.

Take Action Against Radon in Your Columbia, Maryland Home

If you even suspect that your Columbia, Maryland home could be at risk from radon contamination, you should have that home tested as soon as possible. Every day you put that radon testing off could be putting your family members and your own health at risk. If you find that your Maryland home does not have high levels of radon, you can rest assured knowing that all is well. But if you find that your home, like so many others in Maryland, does have high levels of radon, you get an important early warning, and a chance to set things right.

When you contact a radon testing company licensed to do business in the state of Maryland, a representative of that company will ask for some basic information, including the location and the age of your home. Once that information is in place, the representative will schedule an appointment to examine your home for radon contamination.

The radon testing company will arrive at your Maryland home with an array of sophisticated testing equipment, and they will get to work testing the air inside your home for high levels of radon. The company may concentrate on the basement of your home, since that is where radon levels tend to be the highest in Maryland homes. But the radon testing company will check other parts of your home as well, and even the ground and water surrounding the home. Radon can be anywhere in the environment, and it is important to test for contamination anywhere it can be found.

If you do find high levels of radon contamination in your Maryland home, the radon testing company will recommend ways for you to get rid of the high levels of radon present in your home, while preventing additional radon from entering the home. The radon company will check your Maryland home to see where that radon is coming from, and they will take the necessary steps to stop it from getting in.